Used Cars for Sale in Cincinnati: Buy Online or at the Dealership!

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Used Cars in Cincinnati, or Delivered Nationwide

Choose the Fast Lane with Jake Sweeney Automotive

Long gone are the days when you had to drive from one dealership in Springdale to another in Lebanon to find "the perfect car." Because with one stop with Jake Sweeney, you'll have access to thousands of vehicles in stock. But here's the kicker-you won't have to step foot in our dealership to own the car you want.

We have perfected the online car buying process. And while other dealerships in your area might not go all the way, we'll complete the job. You can handle everything online. From browsing to credit pre-approvals and financing, all the way to purchase and delivery. We offer simple delivery, and if you're within 50 miles of our dealership, free delivery. And that right there is how we complete the job. It's 100% autonomy for your car buying experience. But there has to be more, right?

The Jake Sweeney Express Advantage

So, here we are. For some, the 100% online buying process is enough to seal the deal. But we want to give you more. Here's what you get when you shop for a pre-owned car with Jake Sweeney.

  • Competitive Pricing: We dare anyone to try and outsell us
  • 3-Day/ 300-Mile Exchange Policy: Sometimes, it doesn't fit. But we'll make it right.
  • 3-Month/3,000-Mile Limited Warranty: We'll ride along with you for a few months just in case you need us
  • CarFax Vehicle History Report: This costs us $40 a pop-but for you, its free

This is how we ensure that every used car we offer comes with FREE peace of mind. Extended warranties, exchange policies, and competitive pricing. We'll make it hard for you to want to shop anywhere else in Cincinnati or even inside a dealership again. How are we doing?

Thousands of Used Cars in Stock Today!

Everyone loves to have options. And we've got some of the best around. We've combined our inventory at 12 Jake Sweeney dealerships in Ohio and Northern Kentucky to give you the largest selection of used vehicles. We've got every automaker imaginable. Lexus, Alfa Romeo, INFINITI, Dodge, Chevy, Chrysler, Porsche, Volkswagen-we'll just say that we'll be shocked if you name something we don't have. And you know what that means, right?

Used SUVs

It means we've got hundreds of pre-owned SUVs from every major automaker worldwide. Do you want a full-sized vehicle like a Dodge Durango or Chevy Tahoe? These spacious three-row SUVs are perfect for family road trips or hauling children to football practice in Dayton. We also have mid-sized and crossover SUVs with better handling and efficiency than larger SUVs. You can check out vehicles like the Ford Escape, Buick Encore, and more.

Used Trucks

There's always a great reason to buy a truck in Lebanon. Whether it's for work or for play, you can find dozens of options here at Jake Sweeney. The Ram 1500, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra-you name it, we'll have it in stock. Enjoy your higher line of sight on the road, increased towing and off-road capabilities, and more style-all at a competitive price.

Used Sedans and Coupes

Whether it's time to cruise or head to work, our collection of used sedans and coupes will bring a little flash to your commute. We've got models like the Chevy Corvette 2LT, Dodge Challenger R/T, Honda Accord, and the BMW M5. There's muscle, there's luxury, and there's efficiency with any selection of our used sedans, coupes, and hatchbacks in Cincinnati.

Jake Sweeney Automotive

If you're looking for an impressive selection of used vehicles, a completely remote shopping experience, and the Jake Sweeney Express process, you know where to find us. You can shop online or at any of our twelve Ohio or Northern Kentucky locations. Find the horsepower, class, and style you want with Jake Sweeney.